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Marcus went on to highlight some of his ecclesiastical works:

Sculpture of Christ for Our Lady Immaculate and St Philip Neri, church Uckfield. The sculpture is simple and direct and I hope it sums up the feeling that Christ is always with us and that we are not to be afraid. I wanted to summon up an heroic figure who is active, vigorous, strong, alive and not remote to us. He has a youthful caring face, but wears a beard as a wise teacher should. His eyes see us directly and his mouth opens with the beginning of a smile. I wanted the face to look as though Christ has just recognised us, like the face people have when they spot you in a crowd.

The direct contact made by the expression of the face is only part of the whole composition which seeks to do the same thing. Christ rises up defying gravity, but as he does so, he leans forward (symoblising his commitment to us) and reaches out to us with his left hand to help us up. With his right hand Christ shows us his offer of salvation that his left hand has the strength to provide us with. Christ is reaching down and looks across directly at the congregation at the entrance way as they enter the church. In his way, he is directly accessible to those that seek to find him. Christ's clothing is blown vigorously to add to the sense of being alive and also his strength in defying earthly cares. The clothing is loosely contemporary in order to connect Christ to his people now as much as in the past.


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