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War Veterans from a Diplomatic Tour to Eastern Europe and from a Regimental Tour in Kosovo




Sculptures made as a tour artist with H.R.H. The Prince of Wales to Eastern Europe and as a tour artist with the British Army in Kosovo

This exhibition is part of ongoing work which responds to two tours, one as official artist with H.R.H. The Prince of Wales to Eastern Europe and the second with the Queen's Royal Hussars Regiment in Kosovo.

Both tours were very intensive and made great demands of my artistic technique and my stamina, both physically and emotionally. What struck me on both tours, was the extraordinary and terrible experiences of the war veterans and civilians that we met. In response to these encounters, I made on-the-spot sketches to try and convey what these people were like and what they had borne. From these sketches, I made clay models from which I am in the process of construction monumental sculptures.

In Eastern Europe, I came across Czech war veterans with extraordinary stories of fortitude that went well beyond the second world war. I found it chilling how the lives of these elderly men and women could be so dominated by a tiny period of time when they were so young, the consequences of which continue to unravel to this day.

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