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Commissioned Portraits



Since winning a prize for portrait sculpture at the Royal Academy Summer Show, I have been fortunate in receiving a consistent flow of portrait commissions. 

My aim with these works has been to convey the character and especially the life behind the person I am sculpting, through the pose, gesture, texture and the expressive marks that make up the surface of the clay. All these elements are used in sympathy with the sitter.  Sittings are arranged at the convenience of my clients and can be at my studio, the sitter’s home or any other location.

I do not necessarily need a great many sittings, these can be as few as five , neither do I require the sitter to be still and the sittings can often be only a couple of hours long on each occasion.  The aim is to have a relaxed convivial time which is enjoyable and interesting.

I have also made posthumous portraits, or busts of those people who are not available to sit.

Marcus Cornish

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